Water and waste water treatment

Water and waste water treatment

  • Water treatment
  • Environmental safety
  • Air protection

Water and Wastewater Treatment Branch Unit is a distributor of auxiliary agents employed in water treatment stations, in swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants, water supply systems, in sewage systems and in power engineering.

This page presents the offer of Brenntag Lietuva for the sector as well as phone and fax number of responsible Product Manager.


coagulating agents
antifoam agents
filter beds
ion exchange resins
polymer catalysts
nutrients for improving efficiency of denitrification process
antiodour preparations
disinfecting preparations
protection for water supply systems
preparations for industrial water treatment
preparations for swimming pool water treatment
standard chemicals

More detailed information on individual products can be found in our database available in our product search.

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Gitana Stančikienė
Account Manager/Product  Manager

Tel. +370 37 306 142
GSM: 8-612 46 629
e-mai: gitana.stancikiene(at)

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