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Textiles and tanning industry

For textiles industry we offer a wide range of standard chemicals aiding finishing processes of all kinds of fibres.

Brenntag Lietuva is also a distributor of a vast group of chemicals for tanning industry.

For tanning industry we offer chemicals for every stage of leather production - soaking, washing, liming, tannage, retannage, greasing as well as leather and split finishing. They are speciality products as well as standard chemicals, applied for leather and fur skins, inclined for every type of leather production - garment, footwear, furniture, haberdashery and leather of special applications as well as rare fur skins such as: fox, nutria, mink and sheep skin.

Tekstilės pramonei

Odos išdirbimo pramonei

pumice stoneacetic acidsodium hydroxide (caustic soda and its aqueous solution)hydrogen peroxidesodium acetatesodium sulfate anhydrous for industrial usesodium carbonate, lightweightsodium hyposulfiteKDK acidhydrochloric acidsulphuric acidformic acidoxalic acidsodium hydrogensulphite 38-40%sodium metabilufitesodium persulphatepotassium permanganatetableted salt and loose saltand much more

sodium sulfidesodium hydrosulfidesodium formateformic acidchromium sulfatelactic acidoxalic acidammonium formateammonium bicarbonatesodium pyrosulfatesodium bicarbonateacetoneethylene glycolisopropanolammonia waterMimoza WeibullQuebracho ATO

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