Metal processing

Metal industry

We offer a wide range of standard and specialty chemicals selected for steel processing, rolling, forging, electroplating factories, foundries as well as automotive and automation equipment industry.

Our metal processing division offers a range of high quality product, specially selected to meet the finest requirements. Our suppliers are the world's best, and most reliable manufacturers of chemicals.

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Anodes (zinc, nickel, silver)Acids (boric, nitric, phosphoric, phenol, fluoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric) Alkalies (sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide)Salts (chromic acid anhydride, nickel chloride, potassium chloride, zinc chloride, sodium metabisulfite, zinc sulfate, nickel sulfate)Lubricants for dropforging industry and for seamless tubesAids for galvanizing baths (pickling inhibitors, stoppers, brighteners, levellers, etc.)High temperature graphite based and graphit-free lubricantsHardeners for foundry resinsEcological aids for stainless steel processing (NOT containing nitric acid or nitrates)Fragrant solvents, alcoholsDegreasing metal elements with solvent and water based agents Degreasing metal elements with DOWCLENE™ solventsSAFE-TAINER™ system for safe and effective degreasingCorrosion inhibitors (temporary protection of surface between operations) Biocides – for emulsion coolants used for metal additives

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