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Industrial packaging offer

We offer a wide range of chemicals in their packaging for transportation and storage, as well as the closure systems or the dispensers.

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We are representing "Mauser",  Europe's leading industrial packaging producer, manufacturing plastic, metal and rigid packagings for every branch of industry.
Mauser plastic containers are manufactured by 53 facilities, to which Mauser provides its licenses and know-how.

We offer whole range of Mauser industrial packaging and container. Contact our representative, who will provide you with all necessary information and assistance in choosing the most appropriate packaging to suit your needs.

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Brenntag Lithuania also offers a wide range of closure systems, dispensers for various packaging range. We are official RIEKE Packaging Systems (modern closure systems and dispenser manufacturer) representatives.

RIEKE Packaging Systems is a leading manufacturer consists of companies such as ENGLASS (packers) STOLZ (plastic caps for containers made ​​of metal and plastic), Gruppo TOV (lids, rings and locking levers drums) and CPG (new packaging technology development and implementation), which can offer solutions for a wide range of customer needs.

Find out more on RIEKE Packaging Systems products.

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Inga Kemzurė
Account Manager/Product  Manager

Tel. +370 37 306 144
GSM: 8-611 19 946
e-mail: inga.kemzure(at)

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