The history of the company Brenntag Lithuania Ltd. started in 1997, when the company IXOLITA Ltd. was established in Klaipeda. It was engaged in wholesale of chemical products. IXOLITA Ltd. was cooperating closely with the Polish company Ixochem that was delivering chemical raw materials for various industrial branches and after one year, in 1998 IXOLITA Ltd. joined that company.

In turn, Ixochem has already been cooperating with the major Austrian supplier of chemical raw materials Neuber GmbH that has experience in trade of chemical products exceeding 100 years. In 1999 the German concern Brenntag AG acquired this company together with the Lithuanian IXOLITA affiliated to it and became the owner and shareholder of these companies. IXOLITA Ltd. became Brenntag Lithuania Ltd.

Today Brenntag Lithuania Ltd. and SIA Brenntag Latvia (its shares are controlled by Brenntag Polska Sp. z.o.o.), which belong to the Brenntag company group in Central and Eastern Europe, Brenntag CEE GmbH, is successfully implementing its activity in the Baltic region and constantly developing.

Brenntag Lithuania Ltd. is located in Kaunas. It supplies chemical raw materials not only to the Lithuanian market, but also to the neighboring markets of Byelorussia and Kaliningrad, and it is closely cooperating with the companies of Brenntag group located in Latvia and Poland.

At present Brenntag Group that has accumulated work experience of more than 130 years is the leader of distribution and logistics of chemicals in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe. It occupies the third place among the Northern American suppliers and is the leader of Latin American market. It has the subsidiaries in the industrial world regions in more than 57 countries.

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